Whether you are a curious skeptic, new believer or Christian looking to grow in your faith, Discovery Series will help you learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ and be His disciple.


Pastor Isaac ilee@willingdon.org
Karen kchan@willingdon.org


Discovering Jesus

What the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ, designed for people who are new to Christian teaching and Willingdon Church

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Discovering a Walk with Jesus

This study will help you understand that following Jesus is a daily walk of obedience that reaches into every area of life.

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Discovering the Church Family

This study introduces you to what the Bible says about the church and how Willingdon applies those principles to its life and ministry.  This course is required for church membership (by confession of faith or by baptism).

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Discovering Character Growth

Encouragement to help you develop godly character.

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Discovering the Bible

Introducing you to the Bible as well as giving you some helpful tools for reading and studying it.

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Discovering Prayer

Better understand the importance and role of prayer and learn the fundamental principles of an effective prayer life.

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Discovering Your Place of Ministry

Better understand ministry, your spiritual gifts and how to invest them in serving others.

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Discovering How to Share Your Faith

Understand the partnership you have and the importance of the Gospel in the lives of your family and friends and globally. This study also provides strategies and tools for reaching out with the message of God's love and grace.

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Discovering Financial Responsibility

 Introducing you to biblical principles to guide your financial decisions.

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