Encounter | Grades 11 & 12


About Encounter

Encounter exists to help grade 11 & 12 students know Jesus Christ personally and carry on His ministry as they navigate the last years of high school, partnering with parents in equipping them in faith for graduation and beyond. Our aim is that they ground their identity in Christ, gain perspective in how they fit into God’s plan, and embrace the call to obediently follow Him.

Weekends at Encounter

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10am in YC2 for worship, teaching from God's Word, and time spent in community.

God Speaks: May 12, 19 & 26
Did you know that every day God is speaking to you? I think most of us believe that to be true but wonder if "maybe God only speaks to you and not me?” Join us as we explore the three ways God primarily speaks to us and learn how we can start to hear Him better. 

The Race: June 9 & 16 
We are called to “run the race with perseverance” but to run the race successfully there are things you need to do before and during that will help you finish well. As we say goodbye to one class and welcome a new one let's make sure we start well so we can finish well. 


Tuesdays at Encounter


7- Small Groups: God Speaks - A Practical Guide

14 - Small Groups: God Speaks - A Practical Guide

21 Community: Pool Noodle Extravaganza 

28 - Event: Grad Celebration Night 2019


4- Small Group Night 

11 - Event: Backyard BBQ

18- Leaders Night Out (No Youth)