Jerry Hranka

Join us in praying for Willingdon long-term missionary Jerry Hranka. Throughout March, Pastor John's interviews with Jerry will be released weekly. Click the links below to learn more about his mission and find ways to support. Your involvement makes a difference!

4th Week: Mission Region of the Month – Amazon, Brazil

This week, Pastor John interviews Brendan and Chantal Wong, a couple with lots of history with Willingdon Church. Brendan and Chantal are spending several months serving in Brazil with PAZ International, alongside our long-term missionary Jerry Hranka. They are focusing on media ministry, telling stories of what God is doing in the region.

Watch the interview online.  (external link)

3rd Week: Interview with Sam (external link)

This week, Pastor John interviews Samantha Alexander (you’ll recognize her from our Willingdon staff team – KidsMin). Samantha is spending several months serving in Brazil with PAZ International, alongside our long-term missionary Jerry Hranka.

Interview with Jerry (external links)

2nd Week: Episode 2

1st Week: Episode 1

Jerry’s Prayer Requests:

  • Continued advancement in the Kingdom of God as we spread further out into the Amazon Basin and other parts of Brazil with the message of Christ.
  • Good mental, spiritual, and physical health as I continue my ministry work.
  • I have taken on different roles within the Mission this past year. Please pray as I learn my new duties and continue to adjust to these changes.
  • The costs of living has gone up substantially these past two years. Please pray for increased financial support so I can meet the budgeted requirements to pay my expenses.
  • Wisdom and discernment for our leaders. Pray that they are unified in the decisions they make and that God’s will is first and foremost in their decision making process.
  • The Amazon basin suffered a major drought this past year and the river is still not up to appropriate levels. Please pray that the rains will come soon and revitalize the rivers and supply much needed relief to the communities that rely on the resources of the river.
  • Pray for our boat shop. We have renovated our boat shop which will not only be used to maintain our boats, but we hope to use it to repair and make other boats as an additional source of income for the Mission.
  • Pray for the water filter program. That we can find a supplier that can meet the heavy demands of the communities living along the Amazon River and its tributaries.
  • We have many church building projects on the horizon and many international teams planned for 2024. Please pray that the Lord will provide the necessary funds for these projects and for the teams that plan to visit this year.
  • On a more personal note, my brother and sister are both battling cancer and are going through therapy. Please pray for healing. Pray that God will eradicate all the cancer cells in their body. Also pray that they will feel the love, strength and peace of our heavenly father.
  • Please pray for Brendan and Chantal Wong, and Samantha Alexander. They are here temporarily working for the Mission on a short term basis providing assistance in different ministries. Pray for strong connections with friends, protection against illnesses and accidents, and that they learn a sufficient amount of Portuguese to get by. Pray also, that they are able to fulfil what they have been called here to do.
  • Please pray for the Willingdon short term team who will arrive in two weeks. Pray that they raise the funds needed to go on this trip, pray for safety and protection as they travel, and pray that God will use each member of the team in a powerful way for the advancement of His kingdom.

Visit Jerry’s Page to know more about him and his ministry.

Support Willingdon Short-Term Team to Brazil March 2024

The purpose of the trip is to enhance and accelerate the ministry of local believers and PAZ International staff as they reach out to these small villages along the Amazon Basin. Tasks will include construction work, home visitations, participating in outreach services, sharing testimonies and the possible participation in associated PAZ International ministries such a Dental, Children’s, medical, and woman’s ministries.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the spiritual & physical preparation of team members as they serve in this ministry
  • Pray for the hearts of the people in the village to be open to the gospel as it is declared in both deed and word
  • Pray for our long term missionary Jerry Hranka and PAZ International in the logistic and preparation for the team

In addition to the prayer points above please consider support the team financially. To provide financial support for the team, you can pick up a specifically designated giving envelope from the Resource Center during Sunday services or use the online giving link, directing your contribution to “Brazil Mission Team Mar 2024”.

In the event that excess funds are raised, the donations will be transferred to another Willingdon Approved Mission Project.