Serving families attending our services who have children ages 2 and under.

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About The Nursery

The Willingdon Nursery serves families with children ages 0-2, enabling parents to worship regularly in services while their children are cared for by a team of loyal and dedicated volunteers. The Nursery includes three rooms: a Toddler Room, Infant Room, and Mother's Room where children are cared for in age-appropriate areas. Children are checked in by parents and given a pager to notify parents for diaper changes, crying children, etc. The Nursery is open during the 5pm service on Saturday evenings and all Sunday services as well as for selected special events. 

The Mother's Room is for those who need to feed their infants. This is a quiet room where you can nurse your child without missing the sermon. To respect their privacy, mothers and infants only in this room please, and please respect those who are trying to listen to the sermon.

Nursery Volunteers

First of all, thank you to everyone who serves in our Nursery! If you would like to consider serving in this ministry, please contact Tomoko Kashima or stop by the Kids Info Desk in the lower lobby during weekend services.


Information for when we are able to meet in person in the future. 

Registration And Check-In 

If you are a regular attendee you will need to register. Once registered, you will be able to check in at the computer stations. To register, please fill out the 2019/20 Registration Form. This is available in person at the Kids Info Desk and in the Nursery during weekend services. You may also fill out the registration form at home and bring it in person by downloading the PDF version (link in side bar). 

*Photos are now part of a complete registration - please go to the Kids Info Desk to have your photo taken!

For more information, visit the Nursery during the weekend services or contact Tomoko Kashima (Nursery Coordinator).