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The Willingdon Nursery serves families with children ages 0-2.5, giving parents the opportunity to worship regularly in services while their little ones are cared for by a team of caring, dedicated volunteers.

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What is Nursery?

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What is Nursery?

The Willingdon Nursery cares for infants and toddlers to age 2.5, while also providing resources and fellowship opportunities for parents of little ones.

The Nursery includes the Toddler and Infant rooms where children can play, learn, and pray with volunteers according to their various developmental stages.

The Parent Area offers an inviting space for little ones to play while supervised by a parent or family member, and a TV is set up with a live feed of the service.

The Mother’s Room is for mothers who need a quiet place to nurse without missing the service; a TV is set up with a live feed of the service in this place as well. To respect their privacy, we reserve this space for mothers and infants only.

What to Expect

The Nursery is offered at all three service times on Sunday: 8:30 am, 10:00 am and 11:45 am

Each week you can expect:

  • Sign-In at the Nursery Desk
  • Playtime and interactions with volunteers
  • Carpet Time – worship songs, puppet time, prayer
  • Snack (selection varies – examples include: arrowroot cookies, rice puffs)
  • Pick-Up at the end of service time
  • Parents are welcome to join their child in the nursery for as long as is needed. 


Below is a helpful resource about transitioning your child into the Nursery.

Register to Attend

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Please fill out our registration form prior to your child's first time attending. This helps us to make sure that we have all the details we need to properly care for them and to reach you as their parent/guardian if needed. It will also allow you to sign them up for special events!

Foundation Builders

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Foundation Builders

Foundation Builders is a 2-hour class required for all parents (single or married) wanting to have their children dedicated at Willingdon Church.

Baby Dedication will take place in approximately 2-3 weeks once your Foundation Builders Class has been completed.

Download the application for the class below or email Teacher Yvelyn for more details.

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Join us on Tuesdays for a time of play and learning.

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Mom's Connect

Mom's and their young kids are welcome for this time of fellowship and devotions.

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