Pastoral Opportunities


Pastor – Family Ministries

Family Ministries

The Family Ministries Pastor is passionate about ministering to and caring for families. Their primary responsibilities are to:

  • Develop and coordinate an effective family ministry program
  • Facilitate integrating all ministry areas to be able to effectively minister to the families of Willingdon Church
  • Equip parents with opportunities and resources to fulfill God’s plan for the family (Deuteronomy 6:1-9)
  • Create an environment where families become thirsty for God (Matthew 6:6)
  • Oversee and lead student ministries pastors and staff


  • Develop, implement and oversee the vision and strategy for Family Ministry, specifically focused on integrating family ministry through all areas of the church
  • Work together with other team leaders to ensure proper communication between all ministry areas with respect to family ministry vision
  • Work with staff and volunteers to ensure that all efforts for a Family Ministry objective are met
  • Encourage and equip parents in their role as primary disciplers of their children; support them in teaching and mentoring their children in a life of following Christ.
  • Identify, recruit, train, equip and partner with volunteers to deliver programs and help assist with program needs
  • Develop a life development process to assist families in personal spiritual growth
  • Plan large family focused events
  • Plan, develop, coordinate, and implement an effective ministry to families of all configurations and ages. This will include ministries that will involve traditional family units in fellowship, service, and spiritual growth as well as singles, seniors, and non-traditional family units
  • Encourage families to be serving in ministry together through various service opportunities, mission trips and other volunteer initiatives in the church
  • Providing resources and care within the family context with the emphasis to come alongside other ministries to meet their ministry needs as they host, envision and lead the initiative for events/classes/training/resources for families within our church
  • Assist in coordinating and supervising the development of resource training tools for parents to use for their family
  • Establish a systematic approach to tracking the spiritual health of the parents and ensuring a support network is available to continue discipling the mature parents while establishing a network of support to help the weaker families.


The successful candidate will have:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in theology, preferably a Master’s degree
  • Minimum 5 years of pastoral ministry experience
  • Ability to recruit, mentor, equip and shepherd leaders
  • Ability to teach and lead classes
  • Experience in family, student and/or children’s ministries
  • Experience leading a team of pastors and staff

Pastor – Discipleship Ministries – Women

Women's Ministries

Disciple making

  • Responsible for overseeing all aspects of women’s ministry by developing it in alignment with the church’s disciple making pathway.
  • The primary goal is to develop, communicate and train women in Willingdon’s philosophy of disciple making, developing the practical expressions to engage in the pathway and train leaders to be disciple making multipliers.
  • Responsible to oversee the application of the disciple making pathway through the development of appropriate and effective women’s ministry contexts.



  • Responsible to develop and deploy the Leadership Pathway in conjunction with the Discipleship Ministries team to facilitate a unified leadership development approach across the church.
  • Responsible to develop, implement and oversee the discernment and training of new disciple making leaders and the ongoing training of existing leaders.
  • Responsible to develop and implement ministry specific leadership support systems (i.e. coaching) and materials.
  • Responsible for the oversight of disciple making study materials used by Women’s ministry.



  • Provide pastoral support for women seeking counseling/mentoring in conjunction with the Care ministries.
  • Be involved in and provide pastoral counsel to the community as needed.
  • Work with Care ministries to provide a unified approach to counseling.
  • Support women’s ministry leaders care those they lead in partnership with Willingdon Care team as needed.


Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Master’s degree in theology or biblical studies (Bachelor’s degree minimum)
  • Minimum of 5 years pastoral ministry experience
  • Experience in ministry program development and hands on implementation
  • Experience in disciple making ministry
  • Ability to teach and lead classes
  • Ability to recruit, mentor, train, equip and shepherd leaders

Please forward your cover letter and résumé to our Human Resources Department