Riptide | Grades 8-10


About Riptide

If you’re in grades 8-10, then Riptide is the place for you! We’re all about helping you to connect to Jesus and to the larger church, as well as making some lasting friendships and having a lot of fun! We know that students your age are figuring out how you fit into this big world and what you believe, and we have a great team of awesome people who want to walk with you as you do that. Join us for one of our fun event nights, small group times, or weekend gatherings. We would love to have you!


Thursday Nights at Riptide

Grade 8-10 students meet regularly on Thursday nights for small groups and events.

Gab Groups are our small groups, designated for Riptide students. Come hang, chill and chat in the youth centre. Join us for our God talk or Gab session, and the famous Sugar Shack! If you aren't already in a group we can easily get you into one so come on out! We meet on Thursdays from 7-9pm in YC1.


Weekends @ Riptide

Saturday Zone | Saturdays @ 5pm
Grade 6-10 students meet for a large group lesson in YC1 (1st floor). For those night owls who like to attend church on Saturday evenings, we have a Zone for you. Come on down to the youth center to chill with other Saturday night folk, talk about current issues, and hear from God’s word. Students are dismissed from the youth center.

The Zone | Sundays @ 10am & 11:30am
All grade 8-10 students should head on down to the youth center for the Zone. Play some games, get a slurpee and hear from God’s word. The Zone is a cool place to learn about God.

In-Service Weekends
Once a month we hold In-Service Weekends where students are encouraged to attend service with their families. It is one of our initiatives to help students to connect to the larger church. Usually this falls on the first weekend of the month, but be sure to check the calendar to confirm.