2018 Spring Sermon Series


April 15, 2018

Live With the End in Mind

Live With the End in Mind - 1 Peter


We are starting a new series this weekend, Live with the End in Mind. The word “end” can refer to the end of all things, the end of human history on Earth as we know it. Our passage today begins with this thought. “End” can also refer to “purpose.” We are hard-wired by God to live with purpose and meaning.

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Easter, the wonderful resurrection of Christ and our new life in Him. As Pastor Jesse reminded us last weekend, we sang, “You called my name and I ran out of that grave, out of the darkness into your glorious day…”

The Apostle Peter would say that you were born to a living hope, born into the family of God and graced with the Spirit of God for a purpose! What is the God-given purpose that you live for in light of eternity?