March 26, 2023

Crazy Devotion


I met Judy about 40 years ago. At first, I was infatuated. I just wanted to be with her.  Even though I had very little money, I bought things for her (which she pretended to like). I thought about her a lot. She was determined to get my mind off of my studies.

We’ve now been married for a few years. Being married is so much more than a fleeting passion. It is a bonded relationship. I have pledged to be at her side to the end.  Marriage is a heart affection, a deep commitment. If I die before her, everything I have will go to her.

Devotion is an old word, but it’s a good one. Devotion has to do with love, affection, even enthusiasm. At its core, it is grounded in loyalty, faithfulness, and commitment. To whom are you devoted? What would you be willing to do for the one you are devoted to?

Reflection Questions:

  • Who would you and I be in the story today? Martha, Mary, the disciples, Judas?
  • What is the alabaster jar you have been given? What would it look like to pour it out?
  • What might keep you from expressing your devotion to Jesus?