April 7, 2023

Good Friday 2023 - Devotion to Death. Devotion to Life.


In recent years some Christians have wanted to change the message and image of Jesus. 

Some have wanted the image of Jesus to be a bit more modern. A Jesus winking with one eye, giving you a thumbs up, holding a craft beer or latte in one hand, and with the most epic waxed beard. Some believe that if the modern Church revised the image of Jesus, then maybe the church could have more people coming to church services.

Some have even suggested that we as modern Christians need to move away from the cross. The cross, to some, is outdated, unkind and violent. It has no place in the modern world! 

But I want to start with a quote from the 19th Century Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, England, J.C Ryle. When talking about what it would be like to preach Jesus without the cross, Ryle says… 

“I would feel like a soldier without arms, an artist without his pencil, a pilot without his compass, or a labourer without his tools. Let others, if they desire, preach the law and morality; let others hold forth the terrors of hell and the joys of heaven; let others drench their congregations with teachings about the sacraments and the church, but give me the cross of Christ.”

 – J.C Ryle.

Reflection Questions:

  • How should we respond to Christ’s sufferings?
  • What is it about Jesus that keeps you in Awe and Wonder?
  • What beauty have you received or want to receive from the Cross of Christ? Thank Him/Ask Him.