March 24, 2024

Soul Sift


Sometimes we do something intentionally and, at other times, we do it almost unintentionally, because we’re distracted or under pressure. In today’s passage, we see both. How do we work through intentional sin and what we might consider “failing unintentionally”?

The Gospel of Mark is written to disciples of Jesus in Rome who face pressure. Their big question: What does it mean for Jesus to be our King when we’re facing opposition from the government and being pressured by our families and friends to walk away from Jesus? How do we remain faithful when it seems that our souls are being sifted almost every day?

Our passages are instructive for us who live under pressure today.

Reflection Questions:

  1. If you have been disowned or betrayed, how have you found healing? Are there more steps you need to take?

  2. If you have disowned or betrayed someone, what have you done to walk toward restoration? Are there more steps you need to take?