September 5, 2021

Is It Right To Plan For An Unknown Future?

The Lost Art of Wisdom - Proverbs


In our annual calendar, we have two seasons which invite us to plan:  the beginning of the school year in September and the beginning of the calendar year in January. What are your plans for the coming year – for your schooling, your work, your business, your family?

If I asked you what your desires were for the coming year, many of you would answer with the following: (1) I want to be happy; (2) I want to be healthy; (3) I want to make more money; (4) I want to do well in school. Others would say: (1) I want to learn to grow in prayer; (2) I want to understand the Bible; (3) I want to have meaningful relationships. But, many of us would not have a plan to see theses desires fulfilled.

Have you noticed how people plan and prepare to climb Mt. Everest? If we are going to a mountaintop, we need to determine how we will get there. Will we hike, ride an off-road motorcycle, or fly a helicopter to the top? Then we need to determine which route we will take and how far we will go each day. And then we need to know who will lead the group, who will carry the food and water, what kind of climbing gear is needed, what kind of physical training is needed, etc. You cannot make a significant climb without planning.

Why do some of us love to plan? Why do some of us loathe planning? What does God think about planning?  

Questions for Reflection:

  • How do you plan to acquire God’s wisdom for your life?
  • How has God used unexpected circumstances (like COVID-19) to accomplish his purposes in your life?
  • What do you believe to be God’s priorities for you in this next season?
  • How will you allow wise counselors to provide guidance as you plan?
  • How will you allow the Holy Spirit guide you in your planning?