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Due to COVID-19, all ESL classes will be online using Zoom until further notice.


We welcome you to Willingdon’s ESL (English As A Second Language) Program. Our aim is for those who have English as their second language to come and join us to learn and practise conversational English as well as to discover more about God and the Bible. We have groups for those with different English abilities, so there should be one suitable for you. 

Most classes will be held once a week for 8 – 10 weeks. This will be followed by a short break before another series of meetings begin. However, some classes may meet once every two weeks throughout the year.

Our members care about one another. Our teachers will encourage you to share your cultural and family experiences as well as your life in Canada. We will pray for you and your family. You will enjoy new friendships as you get to know folks from other countries, so please join us!

Friday Morning ESL

Friday Morning ESL Classes from 10:00 am - Noon:

The Dates for the Fall 2020 Quarter are each Friday from September 18 – November 27, except for October 9.

E Category classes are taught in English only, and students from all language backgrounds are welcome! The aim is to help students learn English by reading, listening and speaking, with occasional writing, using themes common to day-to-day life.

E1 Introductory: This class is appropriate for students with little or no English language background. The class teaches the alphabet, basic spelling and pronunciation skills. After that, simple English conversational phrases and sentences will be introduced. We will also use Bible verses to teach both English and the Bible.

E2 Beginner: This class is for students who know the alphabet and are able to understand simple English sentences. The class will learn vocabularies and phrases related to daily routines, then make sentences to speak in simple conversations. Finally, students will read and understand simple Bible stories.

E3 Intermediate: Students in this class should be able to handle basic life skills in English. Students will learn basic grammar, such as present, past and continuous tenses, parts of speech and system of prefixes and suffixes in order to build a good understanding of the English language. We use two textbooks. The first one is "Classic Bible Story Book" and the other is "Idioms for Everyday use".

E4 Advanced: This class is for those who are already able to read, listen, speak and write in English sentences. They should be able to communicate in common everyday conversations reasonably fluently. Online resources such as YouTube will be used as well as daily devotional books. Currently, we are also using the book, "Parables, The Greatest Stories Ever Told" by John White.

C Category classes are for Chinese-speaking students with little or no English language experience. Teachers speak Mandarin and/or Cantonese to facilitate student learning.

C1 Introductory: This class is appropriate for people with little or no English-speaking skills. The class teaches the alphabet, basic spelling and pronunciation skills. After that, simple English conversational phrases and sentences will be introduced. The class will also use Bible verses to teach both English and the Bible.

語言課程入門班: 這是英語對話的入門班,以教導簡單日用英語短句及基本英語發音為主。課堂會用國語及粵語輔助教學。這班亦會用聖經經文幫助學員學習英語及認識神。

C2 Beginner: This class teaches basic life English and encourages students to practice it in their daily lives. It’ll be conducted both in English & Mandarin. In addition, knowing Jesus is also a part of the class.


Thursday Intermediate/Advanced

Thursday Evening 7-9 pm

Students should be able to understand and speak English simple sentences in ordinary, everyday casual situations. We meet every other week to practise speaking English, learn grammar, spelling, pronunciation, idioms, North American slang, etc. Occasionally, we will also do some writing. You will meet new friends and share life experiences. In addition, we will discuss the life of Jesus and his impact on today's society.

Student Testimonial

Alejandra in Mexico:
My experience with ESL classes at Willingdon Church has been very helpful. It has enriched my vocabulary and, of course, it has kept me familiarized with biblical terms and words. For me that is so important to learn the meanings of new words and idioms, to understand better all the messages that God has given us and also learn the correct use of those new words and phrases.
It also has been such a blessing to meet all the wonderful people in the group and of course to share opinions and experiences which make time run very quickly during the classes, because doing so, I think is one of the best ways to build up one another in the group.
I personally think that the ESL program is a very important and useful tool for foreigners in Willingdon church because, attending them, we can be able to create a closer link to the Church and a feeling of being part of the body of Jesus Christ by meeting people with similar interests and with the most important thing which is to thirst and hunger after God’s Word and Holy Spirit.