ESL Ministry


Welcome to Willingdon ESL!

Here at Willingdon Church, our desire is to see all of you know Jesus Christ personally and be prepared to live your lives for Him as we head towards Heaven. Our hope and prayer are that you will know more of Jesus and His wonderful love for you as you study the Word of God in English. 

May God grant you joy and peace as you continue to walk forward in the direction He wants you to go. We pray and hope that your time with us will be beneficial, inspirational and enlightening as we study the Bible in English together.

ESL Classes generally run three sessions a year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. 


  • ESL FRIDAY, Friday morning from 10 am to 12 pm in 3rd floor classrooms.  Open to all levels of English. You can find registration forms in the lobby in September, January, March.  Contact ESL for more information.
  • ESL CLASS - INTRODUCTORY/BEGINNER, Thursday evening at 7PM in Room 3030.  This Introductory ESL group is meant for those who have very little or no English background. During the class we will learn to speak basic, everyday English and carry on conversations as well as learn about God and the Bible.  Contact Greg and Janice for more details.
  • ESL CLASS - BEGINNER, Sunday afternoon at 1:30PM in Church Cafe.  We hope to continue the ESL journey with our current friends and to meet new people who wish to have fun learning about one another and sharing God’s blessing.  Wish to join?  Email Barbara Murphy.
  • ESL CLASS - INTERMEDIATE, Thursday evening at 7PM in Room 3070.  We meet weekly and are sermon-based.  We use the Life Group Bible study questions from the bulletin to learn English; study the truths of the Bible; relate the Bible to our daily life, singspiration, prayer, meet new friends, etc.  Bill Tong is willing to answer any of your quesitons about this class.