Knowing Jesus


How Much Do You Know About Jesus?

The good news of the Bible is that you and your family can not only know some things about Jesus, but you can also know him personally. Jesus is a person who is alive today. Jesus is God's Son. He became a man, born of a virgin, without sin, and then gave himself as a perfect sin-sacrifice for the sin you and I have committed. There is something innate in all of us wanting to be free from, and cleansed from, our past and present dark side wherein we have managed to destroy friendships, and relationships, and marriages, and to some degree, destroy ourselves. This destructive "stuff" is sin. We are born with it. We will die because of it. Sin will bring eternal ruin upon us if we don't do something about it. Doing something about it is getting to know Jesus Christ personally. Jesus is a person; he is God's Son. He came to earth to live, showing us how God wants us to live, and to die, providing a sin-sacrifice for your sin and my sin. "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 6:23). The wages for sin is death. Jesus paid that wage for your sin and my sin through his death on a cross. When we accept his payment, we will have eternal life with God now and after we die. Jesus did that for us. We can come into a "knowing relationship" with Jesus when we acknowledge we are sinners who sin, recognize Jesus died for us in our place for our sin and invite him to come into our lives and save us.

Numerous people in our world know about Jesus. He is the baby in a manger in Bethlehem at Christmas. He is the good man who lived a good life a long time ago. He is the man who died on a cross in Jerusalem on Good Friday. Amazingly, some eyewitnesses saw him alive three days after he had been buried in a tomb. Easter is the celebration of this discovery. In modern times, the name "Jesus" is heard often in the form of swearing. His perceived likeness can be seen as a picture in the front of some Bibles, or hanging in a church or in the occasional home.