Knowing Jesus


What is the basic message of Christianity?

What is the Gospel? Well, gospel simply means “the good news”.  And wow, is it ever!  The good news is that God offers each and every one of us eternal life with Him because of what Jesus did.  You see, God created mankind in His very own image.  He created us to be in perfect relationship with Him.  Unfortunately, though, we’ve turned from Him to go our own way.  That turning from God is called sin.  And God’s Word tells us that we’ve all sinned…we’ve all fallen short of His standard.  Because of this, we deserve eternal separation from God; separation from His perfection, His goodness, His love and care.  Now that would most definitely be bad news if it ended there… good thing it doesn’t!  God loves us so much that He sent His son Jesus to earth to save us from our sin.  Jesus came, lived a perfect life and met God’s standard.  Then, Jesus willingly died on the cross in our place.  Now THAT is love!  The amazing part of the story is that Jesus didn’t stay dead. Three days later just as He said He would, Jesus rose from the dead and lives to this very day.  God’s Word tells us that all who put their faith in Jesus will be saved.  Those who put their trust in Jesus died to sin and live for Him.  We turn from sin when we see it and we trust in God to get us through.  That’s called repentance.  Christians are by no means perfect…we make mistakes just like everyone else.  The difference is that we trust in Jesus for our salvation and surrender our lives to Him…because He’s worth it.  Because of what Jesus has done for us, our guilt is taken care of – we are forgiven.  Our shame before God is replaced with honour – we are restored into the family of God.  And, our fear is taken away – we have God’s power accessible to us.  So if you’re not a Christian, our hope is that you’ll want to know more about Jesus and join us at Willingdon.  If you are a Christian…share this news!  It’s salvation to all who hear and believe!

Numerous people in our world know about Jesus. He is the baby in a manger in Bethlehem at Christmas. He is the good man who lived a good life a long time ago. He is the man who died on a cross in Jerusalem on Good Friday. Amazingly, some eyewitnesses saw him alive three days after he had been buried in a tomb. Easter is the celebration of this discovery. In modern times, the name "Jesus" is heard often in the form of swearing. His perceived likeness can be seen as a picture in the front of some Bibles, or hanging in a church or in the occasional home.