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Isaac & Sue Lee

Surrey, 168 St & 108 Ave | Thursday - 7:00 pm
sermon based; 3 space(s) available

We are a life group that will connect, learn together and encourage one another toward growth as disciples. Isaac and Sue have a young family with 2 kids. Couples and singles are welcome. No child minding available.

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Vince & Caroline Reimer

Surrey, 106 Ave & 160 St | Monday - 7:30 pm
sermon based; 1 space(s) available

Vince & Caroline have been actively involved at Willingdon Church for many years. You are welcome to join us as we grow in the knowledge of God and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus.

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Michael & Maribel Steffl

Burnaby, rotates | Thursday - 7:30 pm
topical study; 1 space(s) available

We have not only found new treasured friends but also are growing more intimately with God as fellow brothers & sisters share their praises, prayers, life's experiences, fun, laughter, and food! Yes, this group loves to share each other's joys and tears while feasting on God's Word.

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Walt & Carol Sikora

Burnaby | Saturday - 7:00 pm
topical study; 12 space(s) available

Walt & Carol have been actively involved in teaching Discovery and ESL Bible classes at Willingdon Church. We welcome singles or married couples; new Christians or seasoned Christians who want to grow spiritually and to serve the Lord. We also desire to mentor and equip Christians to use their spiritual gifts. Carol speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, too.

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Derek & Paula Zimmerman

Burnaby, Canada Way & Deer Lake Pkwy | Wednesday - 7:30 pm
sermon based; 4 space(s) available

This co-led group desire for ourselves and other believers to grow in Christ, build relationships, and discover our gifts through regular Bible study, fellowship, prayer and service, no matter where we are in life. Co-leaders: Ron Watt, Changmin Kim, Derek Zimmerman.

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Alfred & Cateline Gomez

Port Coquitlam , Ulster & Lincoln | Friday - 6:30 pm
sermon based; 2 space(s) available

Alfred and Cateline love to worship the Lord and relish mentoring our Discovery class and discussing God's word. We are a warm welcoming group from every tongue and tribe who love to have that closer walk with the Lord. We meet alternatively at Port Coquitlam and Surrey.

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Tony & Teresa Lim

Burnaby, North Road & Broadway | Wednesday - 7:00 pm
sermon based; 7 space(s) available

Our desire is to openly share our lives as we encourage one another to grow and maintain a Christ-centered life while focusing on the study of the Word of God.

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Richard & Rose Ann Fulljames

Burnaby | Saturday - 7:00 pm
sermon based; 2 space(s) available

We focus on forming partnerships in the Gospel with the wonderful variety of people in God's church family- young, mature, and in between; all ethnic backgrounds; spiritually mature, new Christians, and those not yet Christians who are seeking God. Together, we want to be God's faithful ones.

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Cynthia Maclean

Burnaby, BCIT | Wednesday - 2:30 pm
bible study; 14 space(s) available

Cynthia works at BCIT and enjoys serving students and staff. UCM BCIT offers various groups for students and staff to meet during the week. We have joint gatherings on Wednesdays with guest-speakers. More info: /

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Jeff Penner

Burnaby, WC Cafe | Tuesday - 7:00 pm
sermon based; 4 space(s) available

Hi, I'm a 30-something warehouse worker & Willingdon usher. This sermon-based group's for everyone in all walks of life from College to Retirement. We all come from different walks of life and Christ calls us to come to Him with all our burdens & He will give us rest (Matthew 11:28).

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Rockey Chen & Connie Zhang

Burnaby, Curtis & Augusta | Thursday - 7:00 pm
sermon based; 8 space(s) available

We are passionate about studying and applying scripture. We want to walk together in life and encourage each other weekly as a fellow family in Christ. Rocky and Connie enjoy eating good food and their new life as parents.

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Winston & Barbara Sayson

Richmond, No. 4 Road & Francis Road | Wednesday - 7:00 pm
sermon based; 2 space(s) available

We welcome adults of any age or background. We appreciate and value what each person brings to the group. We walk alongside each other celebrating the joys of life and bearing each other's burden. We grow together in our faith through prayer, regular home meetings, and the diligent study of God's word.

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Kurt & Zandra Baker

Burnaby, Halifax St & Duthie Ave | Tuesday - 7:00 pm
topical study; 3 space(s) available

We are meeting via Zoom during social distancing. Please join us.

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