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Vince & Caroline Reimer

Surrey, 106 Ave & 160 St | Monday - 7:15 pm
sermon based; 8 space(s) available

Vince & Caroline have been actively involved at Willingdon Church for many years. You are welcome to join us as we grow in the knowledge of God and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus.

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Robert & Loretta Houben

Burnaby, Canada Way & Burris St. | Thursday - 7:00 pm
sermon based; 6 space(s) available

This friendly, close-knitted, richly multicultural group, with singles and couples at all stages of their walk with Christ, from new converts to those with several decades of experiencing God's grace, has great times together around God's Word and enjoying each other's fellowship and encouragement.

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Walt & Carol Sikora

Burnaby, Willingdon Church | Saturday - 7:00 pm
topical study; 1 space(s) available

Walt & Carol have been actively involved in teaching Discovery and ESL Bible classes at Willingdon Church. We welcome singles or married couples; new Christians or seasoned Christians who want to grow spiritually and to serve the Lord. We also desire to mentor and equip Christians to use their spiritual gifts. Carol speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, too.

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Alfred & Cateline Gomez

Port Coquitlam , Ulster & Lincoln | Tuesday - 6:30-8pm
sermon based; 5 space(s) available

Alfred and Cateline love to worship the Lord and relish mentoring our Discovery class and discussing God's word. We are a warm welcoming group from every tongue and tribe who love to have that closer walk with the Lord. We meet alternatively at Port Coquitlam and Surrey.

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Richard & Rose Ann Fulljames

Burnaby, Willingdon Church | Saturday - 7:00 pm
sermon based; 7 space(s) available

We focus on forming partnerships in the Gospel with the wonderful variety of people in God's church family- young, mature, and in between; all ethnic backgrounds; spiritually mature, new Christians, and those not yet Christians who are seeking God. Together, we want to be God's faithful ones.

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Christ Centered Singles (CCS)

Burnaby, Willingdon Church, Chapel | Saturday - 7-9:30pm
see group description; 7 space(s) available

A place for Christian singles to grow in Christ and in a community through topical discussions, movies and other events with other singles 40+. We meet on Saturdays in the Cafe after the 5pm service except for the 3rd Saturday. We will have a movie night on the 3rd Saturday in the Chapel at 7pm. Walk-in welcome.

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Jack Yang & Yan Chung

Burnaby, Willingdon Church | Friday - 6:30-8:30pm
bible study; 3 space(s) available

How should we live in a world who grows in hostility towards Christ and His followers? Can Christians live a compromised life so as to please the world, and Christ at the same time? The Jewish Christians at the time of the writing of the Epistle to the Hebrews had to battle with these difficult questions. Come join us as we pursue an in-depth expository study of the Epistle to the Hebrews

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Andrew & Ena Chiu

Burnaby, Spruce & Canada Way | Thursday - 7:15-9:15pm
sermon based; 2 space(s) available

We meet regularly for prayer, support and care.

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Cynthia Maclean

Burnaby, BCIT | Tuesday - 2:30 pm
bible study; 4 space(s) available

Cynthia works at BCIT and enjoys serving students and staff. UCM BCIT offers various groups for students and staff to meet during the week. We have joint gatherings on Wednesdays with guest-speakers. More info: /

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Jeff Penner

Burnaby, Willingdon Church | Tuesday - 7pm - 9pm
sermon based; 2 space(s) available

Hi, I'm a 30-something warehouse worker & Willingdon usher. This sermon-based group's for everyone in all walks of life from College to Retirement. We all come from different walks of life and Christ calls us to come to Him with all our burdens & He will give us rest (Matthew 11:28).

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Kurt & Zandra Baker

Burnaby, Halifax St & Duthie Ave | Wednesday - 7 pm - 9 pm
sermon based; 1 space(s) available

If you are looking for a place to study God's word and grow together spiritually we welcome you. Come gather around our table. We will grow and learn together and enjoy Christian fellowship have some food and perhaps once in awhile a play good board game. God bless

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Rick & Anna Godkin

Port Coquitlam/Burnaby | Tuesday - 7:30pm
topical study; 1 space(s) available

Join us for fellowship and Bible study. We will have mixed studies on sermon-based and topical study.

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