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Life Group Leaders' Corner

Managing Your Group in Church Center

When you are listed as a leader of your group, your group appears at the top of the Groups list in the Groups Area.

You will be able to:

  • Schedule new events
  • Take attendance quickly
  • Invite new members to your  group by email, text, and QR code!
  • Confirm the addition of a new person to your group



End of Term Tasks

At the end of each term, please make sure you send an updated list of who is continuing or leaving your group. This keeps your attendance list neat and current.

If your group is meeting in a new location or has added a new leader or co-leader please also let us know. We want to set up your group correctly to ensure a seamless transition into your next term!

Training Videos

Life Group Leaders are often invited to do training to enrich their leading experience.

If you are a leader and haven’t gotten access to Ministry Grid for your training, please request access by emailing Life Groups.

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Sermon-Based Life Group Resources

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