May 28, 2023

A Good Sermon About A Great Sermon


In Acts 2 we are told the story what happened at Pentecost, fifty days after the Passover during which Jesus was crucified. Much has happened in the weeks since Passover – Jesus has died, risen from the dead, appeared to many people, given some instructions and made some promises, and now has ascended into heaven to take His rightful place at the right hand of God, reigning over all things. This is the context in which get to Acts 2, in lots of ways the starting point of the Christian church and Christian mission.

Reflection Questions:

What is one piece of the Pentecost story that has impacted you today? How is the Holy Spirit inviting you to respond?

Are there any claims about Jesus in Acts 2 that you find challenging to believe? Ask the Holy Spirit to bring clarity to your questions.