September 11, 2022

Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere

Fall Fest 2022


This summer, at an art festival, I listened to an artist recite poetry and sing. Her poetry and her lyrics spoke of thirst for water and longing for life. She longed for love, belonging, family, and meaning! My heart ached for her. The well of her soul was leaking everywhere.  

Everyone thirsts, everyday, everywhere. It is our human condition. The word “thirst” means to long for something, without which one cannot live. We cannot live without water. At the core of our being, we have this longing for life. And to live, we need water.

This summer, in the Lower Mainland, the month of August was the hottest on record. It was also one of the driest on record. We heard stories this summer of rivers drying up in China, famine in Somalia, and drought in Mexico. We must have water. 

You can live forty days without food, but only three without water. Water is essential!!  Dehydration, not starvation, most often kills wanderers in the desert, and thirst is the most terrible of all human sufferings. Excessive thirst will drive you to drink anything.  And the world is full of things that do not satisfy. 

We aspire for things, plan for things, and take hold of things that we believe will give us life. Who or what can satisfy our thirst? (Work? Family? Acquisitions? Adventures?  Entertainment? Gaming?)  We must find the source of life. But, where is it?  

Reflection Questions:

  • How has God gifted you to serve Him?
  • How will you serve Him this fall at Willingdon Church?
  • Where has God placed you in the city? What is your role there?