2019 Winter Sermon Series


February 17, 2019

Deep Things

Church on Fire - Revelation


Sometimes we would like to be able to see more than we normally see. We want x-ray vision in order to get to the heart of a matter. We desire telescopic vision to see farther ahead. Night vision would be a great asset to see clearly in the dark. Keen perception would enable us to make better decisions.

If we are physically ill, we willingly submit to an x-ray, an MRI, or a CT scan. The revelation provided would be to our benefit.

At other times however, the gaze of others unsettles us. There is much conversation today about the surveillance state. We are unsettled because we do not know who is watching us, we do not know how much they know, and we do not know what they will do with what they know.

In Revelation 2, Jesus reveals Himself as the One who sees. What does Jesus see? Do we receive His vision, insight, and counsel as an act of love?