2019 Winter Sermon Series


March 17, 2019

On The Outside

Church on Fire - Revelation


Do you enjoy entering a display home?  You walk through the entrance, feel the ambience, check out the den, stroll through the living room, envision the dining area and visit the bedrooms to determine who gets which room.  As you walk through, you imagine how you might decorate the home, and occupy and fill its rooms with life.

Now, imagine that the home represents your personal life; with many rooms (entrance, living room, family room, den, study room, and bedrooms).  How many rooms of your life does Jesus occupy?

Imagine that your home has rooms of the past (disappointments, wounds, and regrets), rooms of the present (doubts, fears and anxieties) and rooms of the future (plans and dreams).  How many rooms does Jesus have permission to enter?

Do we want to hear Jesus’ heart for us?