March 19, 2022

Why Is Our World So Messed Up?


Do you ever wonder why our world is so messed up? I know I do. We have the obvious messes, the most recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, but did you know that there are another 14 armed conflicts presently going on around the world? 

Looking closer to home, I have never experienced a more divided Canada than we are currently experiencing. More people are breaking relationships over their positions on Covid, freedom convoys, pipelines, vaccination, going green, social justice issues than at any time since WW2.

Today’s message examines why our world is “so messed up” and what we can do to address humanity’s fundamental problem. 

Questions for Reflection:

  • Have you viewed yourself as being spiritually dead? If yes, have you thanked God sending Jesus to give you new life?
  • If you have not viewed yourself as being spiritually dead, how will you respond to this teaching?