May 29, 2022

Four Lies Undone

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Four lies often plague the human spirit: (1) I have committed the sin Jesus cannot forgive; (2) I cannot help but do what I do (it is just who I am); (3) I may not have received the Holy Spirit; (4) I have no reason to hope. If you have ever had these thoughts, or if you are struggling with them right now, this passage of Scripture is for you. Romans 8 is one of the best-loved chapters in the Bible because it undoes these lies.

  • No one can condemn those who belong to Jesus.
  • Those who belong to Jesus set their minds on the Spirit.
  • Those who belong to Jesus have the Spirit within them.
  • Those who belong to Jesus have every reason to live with confident hope.

Questions for Reflection:

    • Does one or two of the four lies plague you? What is God saying to you today through His word?
    • How does “setting your mind on the things of the Spirit” alter your perspective on life, now and forever?