April 30, 2022

Absolute Freedom is a Fantasy!


Have you ever had a hard time getting your point across? Perhaps you are a parent and you find yourself repeating the same message over and over again to your children.  Maybe you supervise other employees and you find yourself repeating the same instructions. Maybe you’re a school teacher and you patiently teach the same lesson over and over again. 

Today’s passage almost seems to be a repeat of Romans 6:1-14.  Paul obviously wants his first readers and us to get his point. Having said this, Paul does come with a new focus. In verses 1-14, Paul focuses on what we have been freed from: the power of sin.  In verses 15-23, he focuses on what we have been freed to – to devote ourselves to God and experience life!  

Christ-followers have been transferred from one way of life to another. We are now one with Jesus. The problem is we often find ourselves in a battle. Sin desires to entice us, entangle us, and keep us from life! So, how do we stay on the path of life?

Questions for Reflection:

  • By God’s grace, we are gifted with new life and the desire to become more like Jesus. How have you experienced this gift lately?  
  • Are you facing a “fork in the road” decision? What would it look like to live according to your new heart? What would it look like to give into sin?
  • If you feel bound by negative, sinful patterns of behavior, ask God whether or not you should attend the Set Free! Retreat, May 6-7, at Willingdon.