2020 Summer Sermon Series


August 2, 2020

The Freedom Of Repentance

Open and Unashamed - Psalms


Repentance is not a popular word in our modern culture. In fact, we’re often told that repentance is unnecessary, that we should not feel bad about the hurts we cause others. This teaching leaves us burdened, anxious, frustrated as we try to live with unresolved relationship pain. Jesus taught that there is freedom in repentance. He showed us that repentance is actually the key to good spiritual, emotional, relational and even physical health. Repentance of our hurtful acts towards others and our rebellion against God, brings freedom!

The word repentance, according to Eerdmans Bible Dictionary, refers to “a complete change of orientation involving a judgment upon the past and a deliberate redirection for the future. In other words, we see what we have done, we own what we have done and we move in a new, healthy direction in our relationship with God and people. Psalm 51 is an epic psalm of repentance, sorrow, regret and renewal. The author, King David, teaches us how to pour out our hearts and be renewed and reconnected to God through the act of repentance.