2020 Summer Sermon Series


August 9, 2020

The Antidote To Envy And Doubt

Open and Unashamed - Psalms


Everyone struggles with envy and doubt at different times in life. Sometimes it feels like we will never be free of these things. We can become bitter in our envy towards others, and lost in our doubts, wondering if we will ever be at peace. How do we get free of these things? Is it by getting the things we envy? Is it by discovering the answers to all of our doubts? Is that even possible?

Fortunately God has not left us without the help we need to battle against the forces of envy and doubt in our lives. Psalm 73 shows us that the only antidote to envy and doubt are nothing less than encountering the presence of God. Let’s journey through this psalm together and see what God’s word has to say to us about these things!