July 22, 2022

Out Of Place, But Not Grace


This life is full of twists and turns. One day, things are going fine, and the next our world is falling apart. We go from great relationships to misunderstandings to falling outs. Some days we feel surrounded and supported, and other days we feel isolated and alone.

Jacob learned quickly that everything can change in an instant. In order to survive family conflict, Jacob ran away from his home. What he didn’t know was that as he ran, he would end up spending a night at God’s house. And God had something to show him that would change his life forever.

What does God want to show us today? How will He change our lives forever?

Questions for Reflection:

  • Has God revealed Himself to you in the past? How? How does that inform your life now?
  • Are you aware of God’s presence and provision, or do you feel in need? Pray and ask Him to enlighten you and submit your requests to God.
  • How can God’s presence, protection, and provision through Jesus impact your relationships with others in your life?