August 14, 2022

Fleeing and Fearing: How Brokeness Transforms Our Faith


Can God be trusted to fulfill the promises He makes? This is the question Jacob has to answer for himself as he is going through the transformation process of his faith. He has a sincere relationship with God, but judging by his behaviour, it seems that Jacob hasn’t yet come to a point when he can “enter the rest” and put complete trust in the Lord, who has already proven Himself faithful.

As Jacob is fleeing Laban and now faces Esau, he finds himself between a rock and a hard place with no means left to save the situation. At this critical moment, all that is left is the promise of God. And this is the moment of truth. When God is the only one who can help, will He? And if He does, and there’s nothing or nobody else who can get the credit for it, but God – then we don’t just think that we can trust God, we know it!

Reflection Questions:

  • Come up with a few of God’s promises that are important to you personally and try to answer these two questions:
  • Do I believe that these promises are true?
  • Do I live as though they are true?