August 28, 2022

Outstripped: What do I do when life is too much?


As we open to today’s episode, Jacob has just wrestled with the angel for blessing, has received a new name, been reconciled with Esau, and returned to the land of promise.  What a moment of growth and victory in Jacob’s spiritual journey. But then, following this series of monumental breakthroughs, he settles down.

Sometimes, we settle down. As Jacob surrendered his life to God at Peniel, so have we.  After the moments of breakthrough and victory, we return to “normal life.” At some level, we’re still identifying with God, but we’re not really pursuing what he has for us.  We still take time for some Christian activity, but essentially, we run our own lives.   

In our settling down, we begin to make our life decisions as if full obedience to God is optional. We live as if being fully committed to God is good, but not necessary. We set our life agenda. Is this a good place to be? Is it a safe place to be? Is it neutral space? Is it a vulnerable place?

Reflection Questions:

  • Are you living for the Great Blessing?

  • Are you in a place of complete surrender to God or one of spiritual complacency?

  • What is God asking you to do today?