April 23, 2023

In His Choice, We Rejoice


Romans chapters nine to eleven are considered the most difficult in all of Scripture because it deals with the Doctrine of Election.

In other words, the Doctrine of Election is tackling questions like: Does God choose us? And if so, then why does he choose some and not others? Do we choose Him? If so, then what makes some choose and others not?

The Doctrine of Election unfolds to Soteriology, the Doctrine of Salvation: Who is saved? How are they saved? Does God pick us because of something in us? Does he pick without bias? 

The debate on the Doctrine of Election has been going on for hundreds of years and most likely will do on for hundreds of years.

Reflection Questions:

  • Have you surrendered your life to Jesus?
  • Praise Jesus for pursuing you like ‘the hound of heaven’.
  • Ask Jesus to make His pursuit known to those in your circle of influence.
  • Ask Jesus to break your heart for those who do not call Him Lord and Saviour.