April 30, 2023

Can God Be God?


Romans 9 is loaded with emotion and intimacy. Paul retells the story of Israel. He begins with the patriarchs in vs. 6-13, then he refers to the exodus from Egypt in vs. 14-18, and then the prophetic warnings, the exile, and return of the remnant in vs. 19-29. 

Behind each Old Testament reference there is intimate conversation between God and humanity. The overall message is that at each stage in Israel’s history, God is sovereignly choosing one person or group and not another.  

God chooses, not on the basis of family or good works, but on the basis of His divine will. The reaction comes swiftly. If this is true, isn’t God unjust? It all seems so arbitrary, random, and unfair. Is it?

Reflect and Pray:

  • Are you struggling to let God be God in your life today?
  • How would trusting God’s gracious sovereignty and loving mercy change the way you approach your challenges today?
  • Spend time worshipping and thanking God for His mercy toward you.