Sermon Series - Romans - Does All Mean All - Spring 2021



May 30, 2021

Spirit 'N Oracles

Does All Mean All - Romans


Our text today speaks to outward signs and inward realities. What are some signs familiar to us? A wedding ring symbolizes the oneness of marriage. If I don’t wear my ring, my wife will soon ask me why. If I am wearing my ring, does it mean I am faithful to my wife? I have a Canadian passport. It tells border officials I am a Canadian citizen. If I carry a Canadian passport, does it mean I am loyal to Canada? Does it mean I am a good citizen?

Outward signs indicate something, but they do not reveal the strength of our heart commitments. Our text speaks specifically to the value of being a Jew, so at first glance, if we are non-Jews, we might think it has little to do with us. But, if we look closely, we will find two things that are life-changing for every follower of Jesus. What are those two things?