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WSBM provides classes to equip Willingdon Church – head, heart and hands – to become more biblically literate and to serve more effectively in church and related ministry.

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What is Willingdon School of the Bible and Ministry?

Scripture is the primary way we can know God, and through it we learn what God cares about most in this world, and how we can best participate with Him, using our unique gifts for life and work in His Kingdom. This is why Scripture is the foundation of everything we do in WSBM.

You may have noticed that we added the word “Ministry” to the school’s title. Along with a continued focus on biblical studies, we also hope to equip the people of God for practical service in areas such as pastoral care and community outreach, for ministry both inside and outside the church family.

The psalmist said, “The entrance of your words gives light” (Ps. 119:130). We invite you into this learning community as we welcome together the light of God’s Word into our hearts.

Winter 2024 Courses

Check out the course offerings below.

  • WSBM 110

    Old Testament Panorama

    Instructor: Dr. Bryan Born

    Serving as a WSBM core course, Old Testament Panorama surveys the biblical narrative from Genesis to Malachi. In addition, we overview each of the four main OT sections (Pentateuch, History, Writings and Prophets), explain the various literary genres, and identify key themes emerging from the biblical text. This course takes a bird’s eye view of the larger narrative, while paying special attention to how God reveals Himself through Israel’s story.

  • WSBM 140

    Christian Theology and Living

    Instructor: Willingdon Church Pastors

    This foundational course introduces the core theological convictions of our church family within the larger theological framework of Jesus’ Lordship over all of life. Students will (1) develop a healthy approach to doing theology, (2) examine the articles of the MB Confession of Faith and the key biblical texts that define these articles, and (3) reflect on the tangible impact of these convictions on the corporate and individual life of the Church.

  • WSBM 351

    God’s Mission in the 21st Century

    Instructor: Pastor John Best and John Dyck

    The church of Jesus has been called to engage in God’s mission to the whole world. In this course, we will examine some of the current situations in our global outreach which require a new approach as well as new strategies for the 21st century. Issues such as refugees, innovations in technology, micro-finance practices, urban missions, reaching marginalized indigenous groups, short-term missions and other relevant areas of change and concern will be examined. Our hope and prayer is that God will inspire each of us to participate in His mission in some very practical way.

  • WSBM 440

    Financial Wisdom: Eternal Principles for Today’s Challenges

    Instructor: Dr. Rick Goossen

    There are biblically-based eternal principles which provide the building blocks of financial wisdom. This foundation will allow you to handle your present financial challenges and opportunities in the midst of changing economic dynamics. You will learn about core concepts such as stewardship and contentment. We will discuss the five ways to spend money: live, give, pay taxes, pay debt and grow. The objective of the course is to help each person develop consistent money habits which produce a lifetime of fruit.

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WSBM - Certificate Program

WSBM Certificate Program

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WSBM Policies

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WSBM - MLA Style Guide

MLA Style Guide from CBC

WSBM courses use MLA citations for all papers. For more information, please view this style guide created by Columbia Bible College (CBC).

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