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WSBM provides classes to equip Willingdon Church – head, heart and hands – to become more biblically literate and to serve more effectively in church and related ministry.

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What is Willingdon School of the Bible and Ministry?

Scripture is the primary way we can know God, and through it we learn what God cares about most in this world, and how we can best participate with Him, using our unique gifts for life and work in His Kingdom. This is why Scripture is the foundation of everything we do in WSBM.

You may have noticed that we added the word “Ministry” to the school’s title. Along with a continued focus on biblical studies, we also hope to equip the people of God for practical service in areas such as pastoral care and community outreach, for ministry both inside and outside the church family.

The psalmist said, “The entrance of your words gives light” (Ps. 119:130). We invite you into this learning community as we welcome together the light of God’s Word into our hearts.

Fall 2023 Courses

Check out the course offerings below.

  • WSBM 120

    Thurs, Oct 5-Nov 23 | 7–9 PM

    New Testament Panorama

    Instructor: Ray Harms-Wiebe

    This introductory course surveys the New Testament from beginning to end, giving an overview of the basic content and key themes of each book.

  • WSBM 215 MN

    Thurs, Oct 5 to Nov 23 | 7-9 PM

    Gospel of Mark (Mandarin)

    Instructor: Jeffrey Wu

    This WSBM course on the Gospel of Mark offers an overview of the second canonical Gospel, highlighting the person and work of Jesus Christ, God’s own Son, in order to help you in your faith and equip you for effective ministry. It will help you gain a clearly understanding of the life of Jesus Christ, the Gospel message proclaimed by Jesus, and relate spiritual principles from the Gospel to your life and assist you in ministering to others.

  • WSBM 306 CN

    5 Tues plus 1 Thurs | 7-9:30 PM

    Prayer and Devotion (Cantonese)

    Instructor: Thomas Tam

    The "Prayer and Devotion" course will provide you with an overview of prayer and spiritual formation through biblical teachings and Christian historical figures, in relation to your own spiritual experience with God. You will be guided in discovering the power of prayer and finding effective spiritual exercises that will nurture and strengthen your everyday walk with God.

  • WSBM 522

    Wed, Oct 4 – Nov 22 (No class Oct 25th) | 7–8:30pm

    Live Your Calling: Meaning in Life & Work

    Instructor: Rick Goossen

    What does it mean to be called? How is calling misunderstood? And how do we go about discerning our calling? A clear understanding of these issues—and, in particular, calling—is the very core of the being of each Christian. Whether you are in your 20's laying the foundations at the start of your career, mid career looking to reset/refocus your career direction or retiring looking to reboot your life with a clear focus to allow you to finish well, this course will help you deeply examine in solitude and prayer the very meaning of your existence?

  • WSBM 530

    Tues Oct 3 – Nov 21 | 7-9 PM

    Human Identity: A Biblical Perspective

    Instructor: Andy Steiger

    WSBM 530 will give us a biblically and theologically rooted understanding of human identity, purpose, value, and flourishing. Special attention will be paid to both historical and current trends with a view to critical engagement. Students will engage theoretically and practically with issues from eugenics, euthanasia, abortion, sexuality, A.I, human rights, and human responsibilities as they explore how a biblical theology of the human person offers a guide for both life and ministry.

Program Information

WSBM - Certificate Program

WSBM Certificate Program

Find out more about our certificate program which includes 12 college-level courses.

WSBM Policies

WSBM Policies

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WSBM - MLA Style Guide

MLA Style Guide from CBC

WSBM courses use MLA citations for all papers. For more information, please view this style guide created by Columbia Bible College (CBC).

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