2019 Summer Sermon Series


July 7, 2019

The Story Of Ten Words

Ethics in Room 21C - Exodus


Ethics in Room 21C.  What is meant by Room 21C?  We live in “Room 21C”, the room of the 21st century.  What about ethics?  Ethics refers to the moral principles we live by based on our understanding of right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice and crime.  Essentially, ethics tells us “how we should live.”

The cover of a recent issue of Macleans magazine reads:  “Join the Compassion Revolution (or we’re all doomed):  There’s an urgent call for more compassion as the last gasp remedy for systems at the brink – politics, health care, the planet itself – but do we even have it in us?”  The tone of the article reflects “care ethics” where empathy and compassion are highly valued.  But, do we have it in us to love?