2019 Summer Sermon Series


September 1, 2019

The Ancient Path

Ethics in Room 21C - Exodus


The Canadian federal election will take place in a few weeks. I have read the commentaries on the strategies of the different political parties with interest. Imagine how difficult it would be to run an election campaign across Canada with so much diversity and so many competing interests. How do Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May, and Maxime Bernier read the Canadian electorate? How do they determine what the key issues are for Canadians? Where do they go for counsel?

Summer vacation has come to an end. For many of us, September is the beginning of a new season. Students and faculty return to school. Church life kicks into high gear. Some of you face new challenges in the workplace. Others face challenges in their relationships. What are the challenges before you? To whom will you go for counsel this year? Will you go alone?