October 2, 2022

The Treasure of God’s Mercy


Imagine you have two friends. You go to your two friends because you have a real need.

The first friend listens to you, feels what you are feeling, maybe even cries with you, and helps you take some steps to move forward. This friend is not trying to fix you, but he or she does share the wisdom he or she has. This friend is just trying to come alongside and help.

The second friend listens to you carefully, analyzes your issues, and then says, “Here are three things you need to do to make life work.” This friend show little empathy and then says, “Come back in a week and let’s see what you’ve accomplished.” From this friend’s perspective, you just need to take control of your life, make changes, and do better. 

Is your Father in heaven more like the first friend or the second? Does he care about your real needs? Does he care if you’re emotionally broken? Does he care if it’s hard for you to move forward? Does he care if you’re stressed?  

Or, is your Father in heaven more interested in you just putting your life together and getting it right from now on? Is God just about getting you to fit into his system of right and wrong?  What is God like?

  1. God is merciful toward the hungry
  2. God is merciful toward those who need healing
  3. Satisfying our hunger and healing our diseases demands the ultimate act of mercy