October 23, 2022

Requests Leading to Treasure


What kind of request does Jesus long for? Sometimes people make insincere requests.  For example, a person may request discussion on a certain topic, not to receive new information or to encourage dialogue, but rather to state their opinion and take a stand on their favorite topic.

Sometimes people draw us into discussion about the big questions in life, not because they are seeking answers, but because they are wanting to seed doubt and unsettle us. They like to deconstruct and dismantle things without any intention of constructing on the solid foundations given. They are cynical. 

A sincere request, on the other hand, reveals a genuine desire to receive. It may be a request for further wisdom, more discernment, a blessing, love, financial assistance or some other benefit. What kind of request does Jesus long for?

  • What is your sincere request to Jesus today?
  • Are you ready to receive His answer (whether it be yes, no, or later)? When Jesus answers, are you ready to embrace His larger purposes for your life?
  • Are there any hints of insincerity or cynicism in your heart today? Have you taken it to Jesus in prayer?