October 16, 2022

The Power of the Good Treasure


Today’s passage, Matthew 12:22-37, raises a key question: How do I get the power of the good treasure in my heart so that I will speak good words?  

Another obvious question is raised. Jesus also says there is a sin which cannot be forgiven. Is it unforgivable when a follower of Jesus relapses into sin? Is the unforgiveable sin some unintentional thought or word that suddenly seals one’s fate, unbeknownst to us? Is it a failure to respond to the manipulative invitation of a sweating evangelist? What is the unforgiveable sin? And, if there is one, have I committed it? This is an important question.

  • Is your way of seeing life formed more by Jesus or by your culture?

  • Are you in any way positioning yourself against the work of the Spirit of God in your life?

  • What could you do to allow the Spirit of God to change your heart?