November 20, 2022

An End to Treasure


Jesus’ disciples had questions about the opposition Jesus was facing. The kingdom appeared to have arrived with Jesus, but why did evil continue to exist? Why did they live under the oppressive, unjust Roman system? Why didn’t the Old Testament descriptions of the messianic kingdom become a reality? They had questions. 

We also have questions. Why do people suffer under oppressive regimes today? Why are there so many refugees fleeing their homelands? If the Prince of Peace came 2000 years ago, why are 27 wars being fought in the world today?

Why does God allow for corrupt leaders to rule? Why do so many people face starvation in Yemen, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and South Sudan? In a country as multicultural and welcoming as Canada, why is there still racism? Why are evil and suffering still so present?

To answer the questions of his first disciples, Jesus shared the secret (mystery) of the end of the kingdom story. He gave them a parable to chew on, savor, and digest.

Reflection Questions:

  • Jesus has unveiled the end of the story. If you are a follower of Jesus, how does knowing the end of the story provide perspective, strengthen you for the journey, and fill you with hope?
  • Are you living with the end in mind? What does it mean practically for you to live with the end in mind?
  • If you are not a follower of Jesus, what has the parable of the weeds revealed to you? Is there a decision you need to make in relation to Jesus?