January 28, 2024

4 Questions for the Anxious


The clear command is, “Do not be anxious!” Jesus says it three times in our passage. We might say, “What are you talking about Jesus?”

A student might say, “I just went through assessment week. My parents were anxious. How could I not be anxious, Jesus?”

A parent might say, “I am working and parenting. I don’t like the decisions my children are making. My spouse is disengaged. How can I help but be anxious, Jesus?”

Or, “My salary has not increased for five years. The cost of living keeps going up. Do you know how many bills I have to pay this month? What do you mean, don’t be anxious?” 

Or, “My mortgage will come up for renewal this year. My interest rate will most certainly rise and I already feel strapped! Don’t be anxious? Seriously?”

Added to the anxiety we feel is the shame we fear we will come under if we do poorly on our assessments, or we lose our jobs, or we fail on our mortgage payments.

Everyone experiences anxiety at some level. In our passage today, Jesus speaks to four reorientations of the heart that will reliever our anxiety. What are they?

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are you anxious about today?

  2. In whom (or what) have you placed your trust?

  3. How do Jesus words challenge the way you see God and your life?

  4. What would it look like to have God as your supreme treasure today?