January 7, 2024

Big Rocks for 2024


Do you sometimes feel that you do not have enough time for the really important things in life?

Many of you will be familiar with the Big Rocks analogy.  In the analogy, the jar symbolizes your life.  If you fill your life with what is discretionary (rice) and secondary (pebbles), you will not have room for the big rocks; that is, the things that are of primary importance.  

For example, in 2024, if you put gaming first, or all 82 games that the Canucks will play, or career advancement, or your Instagram feed, or whatever might consume your best time and energy, you will struggle to find time for what is of primary importance.  You may find exhilaration for a moment, even success for a moment, but not life.

So, how do you get the big rocks in your life?

  1. Don’t Admire, Abide!
  2. Don’t Enroll, Engage!
  3. Don’t Waste, Worship!