February 4, 2024

Who is Generous?


In Canada, the percentage of people giving to charities dropped from 36% to 28% between 2010 and 2022. Over the years, the percentage has been declining. As belief in God declines, giving declines. It is inevitable. In 2021, Canadians gave 0.55% of their household income to registered charities. These statistics are stunning.  

What about those who believe in God? Surely it is much higher. Of all religious affiliations, evangelical Protestants are the most generous. Among all evangelicals, 3.2% of household income goes to registered charities: 2.4% to churches and 0.8% to charities.

Evangelicals are almost six times more generous than Canadians as a whole. Is that good? Are we shining like stars? Are we reflecting who God is?