Make Culture About Christ

As we seek to reach our multi-ethnic city with the Gospel message, our language ministries are motiviated by Acts 2:6 which says "... each heard them speaking in his own language". We have a commitment to reflect the multi-ethnic community in which we live.

Service Translation

To serve our diverse and multi-cultural city, the following languages are translated live during the Sunday services.

  • Cantonese: 10:00am, 11:45am
  • Farsi: 11:45am
  • French: 10:00am
  • Japanese: 10:00am
  • Korean: 10:00am, 11:45am
  • Mandarin: 10:00am, 11:45am
  • Portuguese: 10:00am
  • Russian: 11:45am
  • Spanish: 11:45am

You will find past sermons in most of our translated languages in our Media section.

Language Fellowships

In addition to simultaneous translation of the weekend Worship Celebrations, our International Language groups enjoy times of Bible Study, prayer and interaction in their own language. Please visit the following pages to see details or updates for each language fellowship.


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More Info

These ministries and special events are a great way to introduce someone to your church!  Some events are translated into English making it easier to accompany your guest if you do not speak the same language.  Or simply direct them to check out what's going on in their own language.  A great outreach opportunity!