May 26, 2024

Build Up Your Brother (And Sister)


Getting along with one another as Christians can be a real challenge. And this plays out in many different contexts – sometimes within our own families. Let me give you an example. I grew up in a conservative Mennonite family, and the whole idea of tattoos was definitely a ‘no go’ zone. However, when I began teaching at a Bible College in 2004, I discovered that tattoos had become quite popular with Christian young adults. I thought it was ridiculous, and a sign of rebellion. I made my views clear to my teenage children. However, my 20 year-old son saw things differently, and told me he was planning to get a tattoo. I was unhappy about it, but I also figured he was old enough to make his own decisions, and simply voiced my displeasure. I might have even told him that I thought it was a stupid idea. What would you have done?

Reflection Questions:

  1. ‌Are there the stumbling blocks in your life?
    • ‌It could be an attitude, an activity or even a relationship that is causing you or a brother or sister to stumble in the faith. What will do about the stumbling blocks you identify? 
  2. ‌‌Where do you see the Kingdom of God evident in your life?
    • Think about the ways that “righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” are displayed in your relationships with others. How could signs of the Kingdom of God become even more obvious to people who know you?
  3. What can you do to build up the body of Christ, ‘the work of God’?
    • Who are the people in your life who need to be built up in Christ? (This could include yourself!) What is one action you can take to build someone up?