May 12, 2024

Is it Worth Fighting Over?


I know committed Christians who say we should never sing a worship song composed by person belonging to a movement that carries less than biblical teachings. If you sing their song, you pay royalties, support the movement, and indirectly endorse their teachings.

I also know committed Christians who would say that it doesn’t matter who composed the song. The question is, are the lyrics grounded in Scripture or not? If they are, we have complete freedom to sing the song.

How do we discern these things? Today’s passage addresses situations like these.

  1. Stop Judging.  

  2. Submit to Jesus.  

  3. Stand before Jesus.


Reflection Questions:

  1. During the sermon, did you find yourself picking a side in some of the examples given? What does it tell you about your heart response toward those who differ from you?

  2. Of the three points (stop judging, submit to Jesus, stand before Jesus) which one do you need to apply to your life today?