June 9, 2024

Want a Distinctive, Dynamic, Daring Life?


What is your purpose in life? Maybe you ask, why is that even an important question? Well, purpose determines where you set your sights, what you value, who you relate to, how you spend your time … just about everything! It determines the kind of life you will live!! 

So, what is your purpose in life? In order to answer think about what you are fixated on, what you are aiming at, what you give your best energy to.

The Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers might say, “To win the Stanley Cup! Just to have that ultimate experience of raising the Cup!!”

You are obviously not one of them, so you might say, “To get this degree I’m working toward, to get the job I interviewed for, to get healed, to find a significant other (a partner for life), to have peace in my home, to get to the next level on my video game …”

What kind of life is your purpose leading you to live? And would you say that what you’re aiming at reflects God’s purpose for you?

Reflection Questions:

  1. Is your life purpose leading you to live the distinctive, dynamic life God has for you?
  2. If your life purpose reflects God’s purposes, thank God for his goodness to you.
  3. If you are not living according to God’s purposes, what needs to change?