October 29, 2023

An Unforgettable Hike


Have you ever had unforgettable hiking experiences?  

At 12 years of age, I went with a group to Manning Park. I remember the time with friends, canoeing around Lightning Lake, and then hiking the Three Brothers Trail. I remember the mountain meadows, the cold night air (I couldn’t fall asleep), the midnight sky, the falling stars.  I remember making porridge over an open fire, the way my mother taught me.

At one point, our leader pointed to a peak and said, “Who wants to climb the peak with me?” I don’t know why, but I was the only one who said yes. I remember the conversations with my leader as we scaled the mountain and the views we enjoyed at the top. An unforgettable hike.

But that hike pales in comparison to what the three disciples witnessed.

 Jesus and the three disciples hike up a HIGH mountain. In a flash, everything changes. How long does the vision last? Maybe 20 to 30 seconds, but they never forget what they see and hear.  And it takes them years to unpack it. May the Holy Spirit teach us what the experience meant for them and what it means for us today.