September 17, 2023

Who Walks On Water?


This is a calm, late summer day in BC, but for people living in the Caribbean and along the eastern seaboard of North America, this is hurricane season. They’re storm-watching. This weekend, Hurricane Lee is threatening to wreak havoc in Atlantic Canada.Weather storms can certainly leave us unsettled, but often the life storms are much more troubling. Is there a life storm that you would never want to face? It could be financial, relational, health-related, work-related, or family-related. Are you in that storm right now?Last Sunday, we saw Jesus in the midst of the crowds on a beautiful afternoon. People could touch him. He was with the disciples on the hills surrounding the Sea of Galilee feeding 10,000+ people. Amazing! But what if the winds pick up and suddenly the disciples find themselves in the middle of a storm and they can’t see Jesus? What do they do then?
  • Jesus is the Shepherd and Overseer of our souls.
  • Jesus is the Great “I AM.”
  • Jesus is King everywhere.
Reflection Questions:
  1. What is the life storm you find yourself in?
  2. Has Jesus already met you in the storm? If not, are you ready to meet him?
  3. In what area is Jesus asking you to exercise faith in Him?