Standalone Sermon Series


September 10, 2023

Feeding A Fall Festival Type Crowd


Have you ever wanted to abandon something? Maybe its something trivial like your favourite sports team. When I’m frustrated with the Canucks or the Whitecaps or the Blue Jays, my wife asks me, “Why don’t you cheer for the winning team?” She says I’ll be happier if I just switch teams. Does she understand what it means to be a loyal fan?

Maybe you’re considering abandoning something much more important than a sports team, like a job or a career. Or maybe you feel like abandoning something even more weighty like a relationship with a person, or a group of people, because you’ve been so disappointed, maybe betrayed. When was the last time you said, “I am so done with this! I am out of here!”

The theme of this weekend is: “A Family on Mission with Jesus: Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere.” It all sounds so good, but sometimes we want to abandon what God has given us to do. Maybe you feel like abandoning God’s mission because of things that have happened in recent weeks and months. What should we do when we feel like abandoning things?
Today’s story can help us.

  • Don’t run because you have pain
  • Don’t run because you have little
  • Run to Jesus