November 19, 2023

Overcoming Offense: Part 1


Today we will talk about something every human being on earth will experience. All of us, sooner or later, will find ourselves taking offense. In fact, we will find ourselves taking offense throughout our life journey. Why would this happen so frequently?

We only need to look at the immediate context, Matthew 17-18, for reasons: (1) you share a secret, something very special to you, with a few friends, in confidence, and they share the secret with others; (2) you are accused of being faithless or prayerless; (3) someone raises questions about you in order to undermine your reputation; (4) someone despises you for being weak in a certain area.

There are so many opportunities to take offense. To take offense is to become bitter or resentful because someone has insulted you, disregarded you, or even attacked you. So, if this is the experience of every human being, what do we do?  

  1. The Intent of the Process: Restoration.
  2. The Posture of the Process: Listening.  
  3. The Spirit of the Process: Jesus’ Presence.


Reflection Questions:

  1. Is there someone who has offended you?
  2. If you have not talked to them, why not?
  3. What is the next step Jesus is asking you to take to work toward restoration?