September 11, 2021

Can Everyone Come to Jesus?

Kingdom Power - Matthew


We live in an unusual time. Many things feel uncertain. The pandemic continues. Heat waves, wildfires, climate change. A shifting moral landscape. We are in the middle of an untimely federal election season. Some authors speak of our time as a cultural convulsion like the 1960s, a time when shifts in society, that would have taken decades, are happening within a year.

Where do we ground ourselves? Where is Jesus in all of this? Does He care about our well-being? Can we expect Him to intervene in any way, in our personal lives, our families, and our nation? In the coming months, we will be in a series entitled, “Kingdom Power,” based on Matthew 8-10. It will provide answers to the questions I have just raised.  

In today’s passage, Jesus comes down the mountain where He has just taught the Sermon on the Mount. Crowds surround Jesus, but the story focuses on the conversation between Jesus and one person. It’s a very personal encounter. If you could have a personal conversation with Jesus today, what would you ask Him? The question behind today’s passage is this: “Can everyone come to Jesus?”  

Questions for Reflection:

  • If you had a personal conversation with Jesus today, what do you think He might say to you? What would you ask Him?
  • In what area of your life do you need restoration (physical health, mental and emotional health, relationships with others, relationship with God)? Ask Jesus for His healing touch.
  • Who is Jesus inviting you to touch with compassion?  Who is Jesus inviting you to include?